We manufacture, supply and install all our own products direct.
All products are hot dipped galvanised with a 5 year warranty, on all steal parts that it will not rust, to our customers.
Installations are done in the whole of Gauteng and Vaal Triangle.

Due to the popular demand of our Quality Products, we now have suppliers abroad in the United Arab Emirates and neighbouring countries.

Courier arrangements are made to all other parts of South Africa. All prices include installation and a complete useable product.

The production our Quality Products specifications has been modified to meet the shipping requirement and also for the convience of packaging. Now our Product can go anywhere!

Products available:
* Wall Bracket – available in 5 different sizes
* Rotating Washlines – available in 3 different sizes
* Planted sleeves in making your rotating washlines portable
* Portable sleeves for rotating washlines
* Re-wire on all types of washlines



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